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Tips on buying cheap party favors

With the rising costs of goods, it is impractical to even hold a party but would any parent sacrifice their kids;í special birthdays? The answer to this is to not, NOT hold a party but to do it as cheaply as possible so as not to affect the household budget. And you donít really have to scrimp on the food or even on the party favors which is actually the most often item that is cut off from the list of must haves. Party favors can actually come cheap if you know where to buy and what to do. Here are some tips for you.

1. Recycle

Why buy if you can take items that you donít need from your house and turn them into party favors. You can use plastic bottles of mineral water to make toy telescopes or pencil holders. You can turn paper plates into masks for the party. You can get some old boxes from your garage and make photo frames where guests can put their photos during the party. The list is as endless as your imagination. It will take some work yes but you will not be spending money and if you spend, it will just be minimal.

2. Do a gimmick

No one will really care about the gift, itís how you present it and how you use it during the party that matters. No one ever used party favors really unless people are made to use them. For instance, with the photo frame idea, why not set up a photo place as guests exit the party. They can have their pictures taken and then printed with a handy photo printer. Then, they can immediately place them onto their photo frames. With the telescope, you can hold a treasure hunt and have the kids use them. With the mask, you can hold a masquerade ball. Itís the activities in your party that guests will care about and will eventually remember, not the party favors.

3. Buy in bulk and buy early

If you do not have the time not the talent to do some crafts and would rather buy the party favors that make them, you can save money by buying in bulk and buying them early. This means you should be planning your kidsí birthday parties months in advance and take advantage of sales and discounts that will be offered during holidays. If you can buy a year early and do some shopping after some seasons like Halloween or fourth of July. That way, you can enjoy larger discounts and better promos.

It is not really so hard to plan a birthday party and include some party favors in the process. You can scrimp yes but the sign of a master planner of events is to scrimp without making it so obvious. You can do that with a little imagination, some cunning and a lot of planning. After all, even in these times of hardship, your kids still deserve a birthday party they can remember.


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