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Party favors that everybody will enjoy

Most of the time with any parties, we end up having to carry a party favor that will only clutter our homes. But since we have so much respect for the people whose party we attended, we do not have the heart to throw them in the trash. Instead we put them anywhere imaginable until they become eye hazards inside our homes.

This is not to say that party favors in parties are ugly. The opposite is true. Party favors are carefully chosen by the party planner to represent the mood of the party and the occasion that the guests are celebrating at that time. However, they are often useless. Among the really popular party favors that are beautiful but utterly dispensable are small figurines and magnets.

Although beauty is good, one must also remember the function. It is important that what you give people when they leave your party is something that they can use after. That way, they will remember you every time they use it. That is after all the reason for giving party favors, as a souvenir or something that will make guests remember that they have been part of the event.

Below are some ideas for party favors that people will actually be able to use.

1. Cake

One of the best things that I received when I attended a wedding is a party favor in the form of a cake. A very delicious cake at that. It was so yummy, I even asked the newlyweds where they had it baked. This is the kind of thing that you can give your guests. They will not have another clutter in their closet and they also have a full stomach.

2. Music Cd

Another brilliant idea is to give music cds as party favors. You can give a compilation of songs that will best describe the event. For the newlyweds, maybe some songs that played a great part in their lives. In a childrenís birthday party, maybe a couple of your kidís favorite songs or maybe even an recorded episode of his or her favorite TV show. Itís cheap and itís light and itís not much work. Best of all, guests can store the data into their computer and throw away the cd if they so incline.

3. Perfume or cologne or any cosmetics products

Depending on what the occasion is, you can give cosmetic products that you know they will be able to use as party favors. Maybe some lip balm for the younger ones, perfume for a wedding. You can find a lot of cheap products in grocery stores. What is great about giving these products is the fact that they seem more expensive than they actually are.

Party favors need to also be functional so that guests will be able to appreciate them more. There are a lot of things that you can give that can symbolize the party without sacrificing practicality. In this time of crisis, function is actually essential.


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