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Party favors ideas for weddings

How many times have you attended a wedding party and received a figurine with the name of the bride and groom engraved on it? How many times have you lamented on where you are going to store it because you just do not have the heart to throw it away even if it is completely useless? Such is often the case with party favors for weddings. They end up in a pile of heap in the garage awaiting some form of use, except they donít have.

In recent years, people are slowly realizing the importance of giving party favors that their guests can actually use and not just display. Although a lot of people are still sticking to the figurine gift, some are already giving USBs or fans or music cds, which people can find use for. Below are some great ideas of practical party favors that your guests will surely remember you by.

1. Music CD

One of the best things that I got from a wedding that I attended once was a music cd that contained some of the favorite songs of the couple and well of course the songs that were meaningful for them. When I got home, I immediately copied the songs to my computer, well those that I lack anyway. I even discovered new songs and one even became my favorite. One of the great things about giving music cds is that people like music. This is something that they can upload to their ipods and music players. It will also not be a clutter. You can download the content and then throw the cd. If you have the budget, do it with a USB. That way, they will also be able to use the USb again for their own files.

2. Picture frames

Picture frames store memories and what better way to make them remember the event than give them something where they can put a memory of them in the party. Picture frames can also be used for their other pictures.

3. Fishes or lovebirds or plants

What a better celebration of love than to give your guests something to love. You can give them a brand new pet with a fish or a pair of lovebirds. You can also give them a plant that they can take care of. What is great about this gift is the fact that it celebrates the beauty of both love and life. It will make your guests remember you. Besides, itís a great gift to give and it is definitely something that they will not consider a clutter.

Party favors for weddings do not begin and end with figurines. There are other options out there. Explore and find other things to give. But whatever you give, make sure that your guests will find it useful.

Otherwise you would have defeated your primary purpose of giving them party favors in the first place and that is to make them remember you and the special occasion in your life in the most positive of light.


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