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Do-It-Yourself Party Favors

Holding parties for different occasions can be difficult financially. The cost of hosting events and parties are skyrocketing, take weddings for an example. The wedding industry is earning millions of dollars every year from flowers, cakes, catering, and party favors. Yearly occasions like holidays or birthday parties are also affected with continuous rise of prices.

One great way of saving on party expenses are looking for alternatives. So instead of buying ready-made party favors, you could start making your own. Not only are they more inexpensive, you could also give your gifts a personal touch. Party favors are given as a way of saying thank you to people who have celebrated with you and nothing would be better than to give thanks to them in a very personal way.

Party gifts do not have to cost too much. With a little bit of creativeness and enthusiasm, you would surely be able to make something for the party.

In wedding celebrations, you could always have the groom and the bride make or design party give-aways. This would be a great outlet for your creativity and at the same impress your wedding guests with your style and creativity. There are simple party favors that would not require too much of your time. For example, you could give away dream or aromatherapy pillows or mini-glass candy jars. You could put them in stylish boxes with ribbons and labels.

Candies are great party give-aways. With candies, you could buy them in wholesale, which will help you save on costs. You could put them in treat bags. You could personalize these treat bags by using stickers and rubberstamps related to the theme of the party. You could tie them with colourful ribbons. Aside from party hats, you could look for different templates on the internet that can be worn during the party. This is a wonderful idea for children’s party and would even work for some adult parties who would like to have walk back in memory lane.

Another great idea is making photo calendars. Everything is digital nowadays, it is rare to find actual pictures being printed. After the party, you could look for interesting pictures and great shots from everyone in the event. You could ask help from other guests who also brought their camera and took some pictures.

Actually, photo calendars are not that difficult to make. There are software and programs being offered online where you could choose the calendar template that you want. You could just insert the pictures and print them. You could also visit the local printer and have it printed there. You could easily finish it within a week and send it out to your guests. A personal note thanking them for coming to your party would surely make it touching.

Candles and candleholders are also great party favors. You could easily use them in a room to lighten up its atmosphere. You could give away unique and personal made candles, you could put them in wine, champagne or even martini glasses. There are candle making kits which would provide what you need, including wax color and scent. Pick out the best design that will match your party’s theme.

Party favors do not have to be expensive or brought from an exclusive craft store. Party favors are gifts that hosts give to their guests as a sign of saying thank-you. Whether they were bought or handmade, it is the joy of sharing with other people your happiness is what is important.


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