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Create A Stir: Unique And Personalized Party Favors

You’re a host and in the midst of all the chaos and good times, you tend to forget to say “thank-you” to all of those who celebrated with you on your important day. It could be a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday or just a thanksgiving party. A great way of showing your acknowledgement to each guest would be giving out personal party favors.

Imagine how great it is that you will be making your party unforgettable. Party favors are not just stuff you give-away in your party, it is way of saying thank you. At the same time, it is as if guests would be able to take a part of your party at home. Considering this, you could personalize your party gifts to make guests feel appreciated.

A simple way of personalizing each party gift is by writing their names on it so that the guests will feel special. Candles or glassware can have the names of the guests engraved on them. You will also get to interact with those who attended the celebration by handing the favor personally. You get to thank them for their attendance and any contribution that they gave. This is why you would need to include an RSVP in the invitation. You would like to make sure that you will not get shorthanded on the party.

Unique and personalized party favors could be expensive. Imagine giving out party favors in a wedding, some of the items could actually be simple household or kitchen items. But when purchased as party favor, it could really cost more than it’s “kitchen” price. What you could do is have some homemade party favors. Even if they are handmade, it does not mean you would have to slave yourself for a month just to finish the party favors. You could buy some items in wholesale store that will best represent you. You can just redecorate these items to make them personalized and unique.

Another unique idea will be using personalized glasses or even musical instruments like tambourines. Of course this would depend on the theme of your party, if there is, and also your budget. You do not want to spend too much of your budget on favors, neglecting other aspects of the party like the food and drinks.

There are do-it-yourself party favors that are great for both children and adult parties. You could make your own stationary and cards on your own computer and just have them printed from any local printer.

Whenever you are making or personalizing thank-you gifts, it pays to be creative. Not only do you get creative with your gift, you can also spruce up the wrapping of the gift with simple ribbons and designs. You could use bags or boxes. When giving away food, you could include recipes with them. Another idea would be using items that are actually used in the event, it could the place name holders or anything that makes the even stand-out with other celebrations that the guests attendance.

There are some celebrants who would prefer to spend their important day sharing with other people. On behalf of guests, some would make contributions to organizations and charity. Party favors are not just simple items, they are given to guests as a symbol of thanks and at the same time making guests special for being there to celebrate the moment with you.


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